How to Install a Carbon Fiber Wing on a McLaren 570s Supercar

So you wanna install a spoiler on your car yourself?

Here’s a quick run-down on how to DIY install a carbon fiber wing on a McLaren 570s!  Watch the video for more detailed instructions.

  1. Order your carbon fiber wing online via
  2. Check to see all parts have been provided – carbon fiber wing, 2 brackets, 2 carbon fiber supports, 2 carbon fiber finish covers and bolts for fastening to brackets (2 per bracket) and for fastening supports to wing (3 per support).
  3. Remove engine bay cover – this is done via 2 bolts under the oil cover, pop off and place somewhere safe.
  4. Grab brackets, bolt these to the two posts within the engine bay using the original 4 bolts to the inside of the car – one on each side; the carbon fiber supports will mount to these brackets.
  5. Use the carbon fiber cover finish as a stencil, template for cutting – be sure you align it with the bracket, leave enough space for the supports and make sure it is flush with the top part of car.
  6. Use a Dremel to cut the space for the supports.
  7. Secure the supports to the brackets using bolts.
  8. Add the wing, secure with bolts provided.
  9. Make sure to use all 10 bolts to ensure the supports and wing are secure from vibration.

Watch the video herehow to install a carbon fiber wing on a McLaren 570s Supercar.

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